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Planning is better than dreaming

At your age, you are probably flooded with inspirational quotes such as “Dream Big” or “Never give up on your dreams”. How many of you have at least one fridge magnet with a dream-related message? Or at least one post in social media showing your motivation to follow your dreams? However, dreams rarely come true. And do you know why? Because the verb is wrong, they can hardly “come true” by their own. We have to make them true. A dream is nothing without a plan, and a plan is nothing without taking action.

Join the webinar hosted by Florin Hulea, Talent Acquisition Manager at TELUS International Romania, for an open discussion on how to dream big, plan smart, and start small. Among the main takeaways, you will be more prepared to set concrete goals, make detailed plans, execute them, as well as look for support and learn from non-success.

Florin Hulea_TELUS International
Florin Hulea, Talent Acquisition Manager, TELUS International Romania

With a strong background in Communication & PR, Florin has been part of TELUS International team for 4 years, having a significant contribution to the company’s recruitment achievements. A former Police Officer, Florin started his career in the military field where he spent more than 10 years in different roles such as Commander or Spokesperson. However, in 2016, he chose to follow the path of Recruitment, and now he is successfully leading one of the recruitment teams at TELUS International. Florin has meaningful experience both in the private and public sectors, offering him valuable insights about the working environment, culture and values to follow on a career path. Passionate about seeing people succeed, Florin is making himself available every time he has the chance to talk to people that are looking for a sparkle in their career.